Expanding the boundaries in drug discovery

our vision

We are witnessing great medical advances that have transformed our ability to treat and cure patients. The drug discovery process is becoming more difficult, expensive, and many patients are still not benefiting from effective therapies. A situation largely linked to failures in the clinical phase.

While the use of Artificial Intelligence in pharmaceutical research was previously marginal (due to limitations of the biological data necessary for learning), advances in cell biology and bioengineering have made it possible to produce biological data on a large scale. In recent years, the revolution of Artificial Intelligence has made it possible to solve hitherto insoluble problems.

Based on this observation, SYNSIGHT’s mission has been oriented towards exploiting the tools of modern biology to generate qualitative data sets, rather than relying on existing but unreliable data.

Our work is based on phenotypic screening, making it possible to generate data from cell imaging that will then be analyzed and optimized by generative models to develop new first-in-class molecules.
This predictive ability, on the effectiveness, toxicity, and physio-chemical properties of drug candidates, makes it possible to anticipate the “druggability” of drug candidates from the upstream phase of drug discovery.

our mission

A deep tech company that discovers and develops drugs targeting RNA

SYNSIGHT is a company specialized in the discovery and development of therapeutic molecules, specifically targeting protein-RNA interactions.

Thanks to its discovery platform, the convergence of artificial intelligence and cellular imaging, SYNSIGHT develops a portfolio of proprietary and partnered therapeutic projects.

Artificial intelligence and chemoinformatics improves the processes involved in the discovery and design of drug candidates.

The multi-scale vision of the experimental biology platform, at the core of the human cell, makes it possible to confirm the mode of action of molecules, to discover the potential effects on side biological targets, to secure the later phases of drug development.



SYNSIGHT core team believes that the strength of AI in drug discovery comes from the quality and robustness of the DATA. SYNSIGHT Models are integrated models of disease, spanning multiscale experimental data and deep learning models.


High content screening


AI Chemo-informatics

Deep learning models rationally guide the generation of candidate molecules to access the most interesting molecules more quickly.



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