SYNSIGHT develops a portfolio of therapeutic projects, proprietary or partnered, whose final vocation is to target mainly protein-RNA interactions. Until this generalizes, we also consider protein-protein interactions.

We are convinced that RNA is and will be one of the major paths to be taken in the years to come. The mechanisms surrounding RNA within, for example, a living organism or a virus, are complex and require the development of molecular and cellular tools.

SYNSIGHT has a unique platform that can identifies molecules targeting this RNA system. We will therefore focus for the next few years on biological systems targeting RNA.

RNA can be related and targeted to avoid the leading of the human diseases, such as cancer, neurological diseases, cardiovascular diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, liver disease, and asthma ; as well to microbial infections, like bacteria- or virus-specific ribosomal RNA.


We are always looking for more collaboration partners who are interested in potential drug candidates for their specific diseases and in accessing to our technology.