SYNSIGHT, a biotech company specialized in RNA-targeting small molecules drugs, today announce a $1.5 million fundraising. The financing was led by an international investor.

SYNSIGHT is pleased to announce today a $1.5 million fundraising This financial opportunity was realized with a Chinese investor who well recognized SYNSIGHT’s potential, which is completed by financial help from Region Ile-de-France and BPIfrance.

This fundraising will allow SYNSIGHT to accelerate its growth and development. The company will continue to refine its innovative platform and expand the drug discovery platform potentials. Thus, SYNSIGHT’s advantage in RNA targeting will be even enhanced.

The fundraising will also advance the SYNSIGHT pipelines and expand its portfolio. Noted that the SYNSIGHT pipelines are innovative targets which could only be treated by SYNSIGHT’s indoor innovative platform mentioned above, these targets (neurogenerative, oncology and infectious diseases related) were considered to be undruggable since the lack of breakthrough RNA target platform.

The fundraising will allow SYNSIGHT to expand its team and welcome new experts: senior project manager, AI research scientist, senior cell biologist and High-Content Screening engineer.


SYNSIGHT is a French company specialized in discovery and development of therapeutic molecules, specifically targeting protein-RNA interactions. Thanks to its discovery platform, at the convergence of artificial intelligence and cellular imaging, SYNSIGHT develops a portfolio of proprietary and partnered small molecule therapeutic projects.