Online PR News – 30-November-2021 – SYNSIGHT has a unique high-content screening platform powered by deep learning to discover and develop novel drugs primarily for RNA targets. SYNSIGHT has chosen Mcule to manage compound sourcing, storage, and reformatting of samples for its drug discovery projects to enhance the efficiency of its drug-discovery workflows.

Beside providing selected compounds from its aggregated catalog, Mcule also offers compound management services including the preparation of samples in assay-ready format. In addition, SYNSIGHT’s samples are securely stored in Mcule’s temperature-controlled storage system until further use.

At the instruction of SYNSIGHT, their samples are quickly packaged and delivered to their destination. Such services handled at the site of Mcule can greatly simplify the research workflow of SYNSIGHT and overall have a positive effect on the timeline and costs of a project.Such MoU aims at establishing a long-term partnership between the two entities to increase reinforce AI drug discovery technologies in chinese and asian market.

« Mcule’s services can help clients like SYNSIGHT to focus on their unique technology, while we manage their samples and take care of logistics. We believe that the close collaboration of service providers and compound aggregators can greatly enhance the efficiency of drug discovery workflows. » – Robert Kiss, CEO of Mcule.

« With its multidisciplinary approach, SYNSIGHT combines cutting-edge technologies in chemistry, biology, and artificial intelligence, with the potential to lead the next revolution in drug discovery. Mcule fits perfectly with our needs and objectives. Its services allow us to outsource the compound management, storage, and reformatting processes without integrating them internally. We lead numerous international collaborations with pharma companies and public institutes and the robust and optimized services from Mcule help us to imagine a new way of doing drug discovery, driven by data, technology, and process optimization. » – Cyril Bauvais, CEO of SYNSIGHT.


Mcule is a chemical marketplace for drug discovery with services based around small-molecule compound sourcing. While the traditional Mcule database aggregates supplier catalogs to cover the « in stock » chemical space, Mcule ULTIMATE contains 125 million novel, synthetically accessible compounds. Mcule recently launched its custom synthesis auction site SynthAgora to cover chemical space not present in any catalogs.


SYNSIGHT is a French company specialized in the discovery and development of therapeutic molecules, specifically targeting protein-RNA interactions. Thanks to its discovery platform, the convergence of artificial intelligence and cellular imaging, SYNSIGHT develops a portfolio of proprietary and partnered therapeutic projects.