Institut Imagine and SYNSIGHT are joining forces to develop research projects around innovative technological services in drug discovery.

Institut Imagine and SYNSIGHT are joining their efforts and resources in joint research projects related to genetic diseases. This alliance will allow them to combine their complementary expertise in biology, chemistry, physics and in silico modeling, with the aim of developing drug candidates and meeting the needs of patients suffering from genetic diseases.

Through its drug design activity and its multi-scale biological approach, SYNSIGHT provides its know-how and innovative technologies: chemoinformatics, in vitro and cell-based assays, in particular its phenotypic approach in High-Content Imaging, targeting protein-protein and protein-RNA interactions.


In an architecture designed by Bernard Valéro and Jean Nouvel on the campus of the Necker-Enfants malades hospital (AP-HP), Imagine is the first research, care and teaching center for genetic diseases. With the mission of understanding and curing these diseases, the Institute, which has been awarded the IHU and Carnot Institute label, brings together 1,000 of the best doctors, researchers and healthcare personnel in an architecture that creates synergies. It is this unprecedented continuum of expertise, combined with proximity to patients, that enables Imagine to make discoveries for the benefit of patients. The 7,000 or so genetic diseases identified affect 30 million patients in Europe, and nearly 3 million in France, where there are 30,000 new cases every year. Nearly 50% of the children seen in consultations leave without a genetic diagnosis and 85% of genetic diseases do not yet have a cure. Faced with this major public health problem, the challenge is twofold: to diagnose and to cure.


SYNSIGHT is a French company specialized in the discovery and development of therapeutic molecules, particularly targeting protein-RNA interactions. Thanks to its unique discovery platform at the convergence of artificial intelligence and cellular imaging, SYNSIGHT is developing a portfolio of proprietary and collaborative therapeutic projects.

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