BIOCUBATE, a chinese base biotechnology company specializing in business development and incubation of bio-innovative projects, and SYNSIGHT, a french drug discovery company based on single-cell imaging and artificial intelligence chemoinformatics announce the signing of a Memorandum Of Understanding (MoU).
Such MoU aims at establishing a long-term partnership between the two entities to increase reinforce AI drug discovery technologies in chinese and asian market.

« China is facing a strong trend with increased demand for drug discovery services and innovative technologies, passing from me-too drugs based model to innovative first-in-class therapeutics. » said Cyril Bauvais, CEO of SYNSIGHT. « Biocubate will help SYNSIGHT to increase its footprint in chinese and asian market, and will help us to co-develop a pipeline of first-in-class small molecules therapeutics. »

« We recognize SYNSIGHT unique AI technology platform in drug discovery, there is huge commercial potential in China Bio-Tech booming. » said Sam Ma (马赛) CEO and co-founder of BIOCUBATE. « As a BD partner, we will explore R&D partnership in China bio-pharma industry with SYNSIGHT together and we are generating the ideas to co-develop pipeline aiming Biocubate target indications/diseases with SYNSIGHT ».


BioCubate is dedicated to incubate Bio-innovation in Asian markets. With significant life science industry expertise and experience in drug development, manufacture, and sales, BioCubate is dedicated to identify, in-license, develop, and commercialize the high potential innovative drug assets and new technologies from worldwide. By leveraging our clinical, BD, and commercialization skills in local markets, we are able to accelerate our partnering assets’ development and promote best practices in China, Japan, India, and other Asia countries.


SYNSIGHT is a game changer in drug discovery by developing the first platform combining cell-based microscopy that train AI models, to generate new chemical entities against biomolecule interactions. Its innovative platform and technologies can be directly applied to RNA-protein and protein-protein interactions. Its cellular assay is unique and is able to qualify and quantify directly in human cells these challenging interactions. The MT bench characterizes the efficacy of small molecule modulators in cell (Hit identification and IC50 measurement). This cellular assay, easy to setup as medium or high-throughput screening level combined to biophysical assays, are then able to train our multiparametric AI models to generate new chemical entities.